Privacy Screens


Adding a privacy screen can dramatically change the environment of your deck: You can use it to block out a view you don't like, as well as to block the view onto your deck, providing a sense of privacy.

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Deck cover

deck cover

A deck cover can shelter your deck from the sun, and provide a sense of privacy and enclosure. When designing one, we make sure it won't block any desirable views from the deck or from inside the house.

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Deck Benches

cedar bench

Benches are very common multipurpose deck furniture. Not only a surface for sitting or lounging, they can also divide a deck into different activity areas, and guide foot traffic.

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Planter boxes

planter box ideas Toronto

Aside from dressing up your deck, planters help connect the structure to the surrounding garden. And if you don't have much space in your backyard, planters allow you to enjoy a small-scale garden on your deck.

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