Zebra Deck has been staining and refinishing decks with amazing results within the Toronto Mississauga Hamilton and Barrie area for more then 7 years. The maintenance products and stain we use for decks are of the top of the line on the market.


At Zebra Deck, we offer fast service and reasonable prices for refinishing (resurfacing) deck, fence or pergola and making it looks excellent. Schedule a fast free consultation for your deck or fence resurfacing in Toronto today by giving us a call at 647-449-8800!

Do you have an old deck that is starting to look battered and worn? At Zebra Deck Company, we can give your old deck a new look and help you save lots of money. This way is much chipper then building a completely new deck or fence. If it is technically possible - choose the deck refinishing!


Exposed, unfinished decking wood can be damaged by the weather. It tends to warp, split, and crack from seasonal wet and dry periods. The sun's ultraviolet rays turn it to gray plus water penetrates it and encourages rot. Zebra deck recommend that decks should be finished to help them withstand the weather and insects. Even the decks built with pressure-treated lumber or with naturally decay-resistant lumber such as Ipe or cedar heartwood should be stained. If you prefer the gray color of untreated weathered wood, we will use a clear water repellent without any UV protection.

Regardless of the kind of wood we are using, or the finish treatment you choose it's best to apply the stain as soon as possible, to reduce the effects of exposure to weather. Leaving untreated lumber exposed for more than six weeks is not recommended.


Before we apply a finish, the boards must be free of mill glaze and sufficiently dry. Mill glaze is an impervious layer on the wood's surface created by the polishing effect of power tool blades when the wood is cut or planed. To remove it, we sand the surface using a sandpaper or use a mill-glaze removal product. Once this is done, we apply the stain in a hidden area or to a scrap board (also treated for mill glaze. We always sweep or dust any debris off the surfaces before finishing them.


A variety of different finishes are available for decks, including water repellents, stains, and paints. We always make sure the product we choose is suitable for decks, for the lumber you've chosen, and for the specific application. The horizontal surfaces of a deck (such as the decking) are subject to more wear than the vertical surfaces and may require a different finishing product.

Water repellents: Clear water repellents, also known as water sealers, keep out water and help protect wood against warping, splitting, and cracking, but only those with UV protection prevent the natural graying of wood. Despite their name, clear water repellents will darken the wood slightly, especially with repeated applications over time. We can also use water repellents with some pigment added, usually intended to enhance the natural tone of pressure treated or cedar decking. A water repellent with a mildewcide is recommended, and is especially important if the product is oil-base, to discourage the growth of surface mildew. Water repellents with a mildewcide or fungicide are often called water repellent preservatives.

Stains: Transparent or semitransparent stains contain enough pigment to tint the wood, but not enough to hide the natural grain. Solid-color stains (also called heavy-bodied stains) contain more pigment; many are almost as opaque as paint. Semitransparent stains can last up to nine years, but solid-color stains usually have to be reapplied at least every two or three years. With stains, the final color is a combination of the color of the wood and the color of the stain. A darker- colored stain will help mask the green tinge of some types of pressure-treated lumber.

Paints: Deck paints can mask defects in lower grades of lumber. However, they're harder to apply and maintain than stains you may have to repaint your deck nearly every year to keep it looking good. Paints are not recommended for naturally decay-resistant wood, since they tend to trap water inside the wood.


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